"My Own Buckin' Business"


Greg Kelsey

The classic event of Rodeo - saddle bronc riding - is one buckin’ business! The sport of saddle bronc riding has a raw energy; with the power of the horse and the determination and skill of the cowboy colliding in eight quick seconds. Yet there’s also a classic beauty and natural elegance.   Combine the freedom and strength of a horse bucking like there’s no tomorrow and a cowboy matching each jump and kick, raking each spur lick with perfect timing and balance and you have a sweet ride.

For the rodeo cowboy, bucking horses are a serious business. Each go-round check gets them further down the road and closer to being one of the top15 riders that will compete at the National Finals Rodeo. Each gold buckle marks a victory and another stroke toward glory.

The horses are a business too.  Over the past few decades stock contractors have bred the buck into the horses to develop the best buckers possible. Some horses are born to buck, itís what they do best, and that quality has been cultivated and encouraged. Winning bucking horse of the year is a honor and financial boon.

Like in any business, chasing dreams of success takes an independent spirit, a dedicated dreamer, commitment, try and a lot of heart. You can’t quit, no matter how many times you think you want to. You wouldn’t choose any other lifestyle even if given the chance. It’s an addiction, a passion. The business world is like a rank bronc. Anyone who chooses to slip into the saddle takes the risk of glory or defeat, success or folly. Sometimes you hit the payday and sometimes you hit the dirt. There are bumps along the way that none can predict, but in the end you hope you get 'er rode. You hate it and you love it, but there’s a pride when you say, it’s “My Own Buckin’ Business.”