"Keeper of the Flame"
Greg Kelsey

Greg has a deep feeling about brands and what they represent. We revisited a bit he wrote for an art journal, "I have my own brand that I hope to see running on my daughter's stock someday, (now on my son's as well).  I believe that a stockman's brand has that kind of future.  It is a sign, of sorts, that says more than just the letters or numbers that make it up.  A brand implies without question ownership, legacy, value, and pride.   When you burn your brand into a hide your name is on it for good.  Brands have come to identify places and families and decades of hard work and dedication.  The pride in a brand runs through generations and becomes the trademark of a family or ranch.  A sense of pride should well up in ones breast when they look out over what they've worked hard to call their own.  Their brand is the finishing touch.  As long as there is one man and one livestock the irons will remain in the fire."

We will be only be releasing 25 pieces in this edition for private sale from.  Calgary Stampede has purchased the rest of the edition to be awarded to their daily go-round winners in each event for the next five years!  The pieces going to the Stampede have the trademark CS brand on the cowboy's chaps as well as the trademark CS brand on the ends of the irons, and a maple leaf base.  For the pieces we are releasing for private sale, the brand on the cowboy's chaps and on the end of the irons can be YOURS or our one M slash.  The cowboy is on an aspen leaf base.